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Monday, January 17, 2011

Randomness in Thailand

I woke up and had breakfast yesterday and randomly decided I wanted to take a road trip to a little mountain town that some really chill people have been telling me about. I headed to this motor bike rental place called Mr. Mechanic and rented a motor scooter for 2 days at 200 baht a day which is roughly 7 dollars. I went to my guesthouse, grabbed some water and hit the road. The motor scooter was a 120cc Honda Dream and had no clutch so it took me some time to get use to.

I was only about 15 kilometers outside of Chiang Mai
when I realized I was going to be very cold in just a T-shirt, shorts and Chocos, so I pulled over at the first random roadside quasi clothes shop I could find and bought this beautiful pink-greyish denim long sleeve shirt, I looked more like a local and less like a tourist with this bad boy. It was 83 degrees when I left and it got much colder way up in the mountains.

Picture driving up the north side of Greylock with the 4 hairpin turns, now add about a 100 more hairpin turns and you are close to how it was driving to Pai. I have never experienced anything like it and to think I was contemplating riding my bike there. It would have taken me 2 days. I stopped for coffee and food twice on my way. All and all it took me about 5 hours to drive to Pai. I rode through the little village town and kept going, I saw signs for some mountain resort place so I headed there. They wanted 800 baht a night to stay there so I kept going and about 2km down the road I Found this sweet little
cabin on a hillside for 300 baht
a night. I unpacked my stuff and headed back towards town. A small yellow sign that said "Womb" Meditation Center pointed down this long dirt road so I figured why not, and followed out into the jungle down 3 long roads and finally down some sketchy driveway. I was kind of wondering what the hell I was going to find and all of a sudden this beautiful house appeared from behind some palm trees. I parked my scooter and walked around, I didn't see anyone, I called out suwat-dee-kap which is hello in Thai, I turned around and this 6 foot 3 Austrian dude was like "are you here
for the 6:00 vipassana meditation?" It was 5:45, I had a confused look on my face and I said "it looks like I am" It's crazy how things work out sometimes. So we chilled for a bit and then I hopped in his truck and we headed into town to this tea bar which was out of this world. It had wheat grass growing everywhere and had every type of tea you could imagine.
We ordered food, drank kava tea and talked about all kinds of crazy stuff.

This is how I pictured my travels, meeting all kinds of random people and getting into all kinds of random situations. I am so grateful for this journey and all of the people I am going to meeAdd Imaget on it.

I am back at my guesthouse in Chiang Mai now and I planned on leaving on my 2 week trek to Cambodia tomorrow but I have an appointment at Payap University tomorrow to figure out if I can transfer here and finish my BA in Chiang Mai, Payap University is registered with the American VA system so I might not be coming home for a long time!!!!


  1. Wow! One adventure after another. I admire your courage to just "do"! And now finishing school there! What an amazing opportunity! Keep updating! Be safe!

  2. Very...RAMDOM! enjoy and keep posting.

  3. Whatever happened with Payap? Any chance of going back there and completing your degree in Thailand after the initial travel itinerary is behind you?