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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Airport Ninja

So many emotions have been running through me today. I have made the same breakfast everyday for the last year and a half consisting of sautéed vegetables, eggs, goat cheese, millet toast and olive oil and it was very surreal making it for the last time.

I threw a bunch of stuff in a backpack last night so I hope I have enough stuff to make it through 6 months in a developing country!! I have my bike, some camera stuff and a passport, I should be good.

I hung around the bike shop all morning and said goodbye to a bunch of people, went to Rubi's got a coffee and said bye to yet more people. Headed to the coop to get some semblance of healthy food to eat on my 30+ hour travel journey.
Tyler came and picked me up around 12:30 and I watched the bike shop disappear from the rear view mirror, we were headed for the dirty Jerzey but we had to make a pit stop for North Plain Farm in Westchester to unload over 500 pounds of cow meat to a high end restaurant.

I got to the airport around 430 and couldn't even check my bags until 730, so I sat around in the wheelchair section with an Indian man named Chandran and another man from Ethiopia and they told me stories of their home countries and I of my plans to travel SE Asia by bicycle. They thought I was crazy like most people do!

The time flew by with my new friends, just picture a white hippie guy, an Ethiopian, and an Indian (red dot not feather) sitting in wheelchairs belly laughing. It was quite the sight I'm sure for passer-bys. I finally got to check my bicycle, they tried charging me for the bicycle and I whipped out the paperwork Steffen told me to print out this morning from the airlines website that says bicycles are free and the guys checking me in settled down. Got my bike and duffel checked no problem and now I am sitting here in the terminal waiting to board the plane. One more hour and I'm off!!!

Will check in after I arrive in BKK

Much Love!


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  1. Good luck buddy. Fly safe!! Binky says she ate your leftover vegetables and felt sad. She will comment more soon.