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Saturday, June 22, 2013

After finishing my last midterm, albeit a few hours late, I had an overwhelming urge to write a blog post. I haven't updated this thing since April and I feel like so much has happened. Well, I'm in grad school now! It's been absolutely crazy. This is first time I feel like I've had some time to breathe. I just completed week 3 and handed in 5 midterms this week. That's right MIDTERMS! At 3 weeks in! Who does that?? Smith does, and it's intense. After handing them in, I have 2 finals due this coming week as well! This is an accelerated academic program and when I say accelerated, I mean sky-rocket to the moon, warp-speed accelerated program. I've already had Bowenian, Freudian, and structural theory jammed into my brain, and that's just one class. Anyways, grad school has been great. I've met so many inspiring people here. Everyone is really genuine and wants to see legit social change in the world.

I have been training everyday while keeping up with readings and writings. I think riding my bike a couple hours a day is literally keeping me sane. I have been racing on the weekends as well. My weekend looks like this..... Wake up around 6, make a giant french press of coffee, read, write and do as much schoolwork as possible. Get in my car, drive to the race, RACE then drive home as quickly as possible, read and write more. HAHAHA. I have been feeling awesome on the bike as well. I've had some good races and I can't wait to race my hometown race next weekend, the LONGSJO!

Right before starting grad school started I went out with my brother to race the Somerville series. It was such an awesome experience racing with the top dogs in NE. We drove out on Friday night and Jeremy got a $300 speeding ticket in rural NY. We stayed with Tony Federiko in NJ and his family was so warm and welcoming, except for his dogs that barked at us non-stop. We raced a big 80 mile road race on Saturday and then a 50 mile crit Sunday and shorter brutal crit on Monday. It was awesome to be racing at the front of these big NRC races and making moves at the front of the crits. I have been feeling great on the bike and these races were huge confidence boosters.

While balancing racing and schoolwork I've been hanging out with the love of my life once a week. She comes out here on Wednesday evening and we have been rock climbing on thursday mornings. It's been amazing to have her out here during the week, but it's surely not enough time with her!

I also want to give a huge thank you to all the professors at NCCC, BCC, and Burlington college that have helped me along this path. A huge thank you to the JAM FUND cycling team and especially Al Donahue and Mike Busa who have been a non-stop help in helping me achieve the goals I have set in the racing world! Also to Berkshire Bike and Board and all my people there who ignited the passion of cycling in me. Life is good, no matter how busy and crazy it might be right now!