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Monday, January 31, 2011

The end of Thailand

I woke up a few days ago and made the decision to ride to the nearest town and catch a bus to Bangkok, then to Pattaya. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was very close to Bangkok and did not want to ride through it and knew I needed to get further south to make my way to Cambodia. I decided I would spend the night in Pattaya. Now I have heard shady things about Pattaya and the stuff that goes on there. I thought I could just stay away from it and find a nice quiet spot. Man was I wrong. This place was an absolute zoo. There were only 4 kinds of establishments in the entire city, pharmacies, tattoo parlors, lady bars, and restaurants. It was the most overwhelming, crowded, touristy place I had been yet. Everywhere you look there are big fat European men walking hand in hand with very young Thai women and boys. Every other place is a go go bar and the music is so loud you cannot hear yourself think. I found a somewhat quiet guesthouse and put all my gear away. All I can say is I will never come back here ever again. The next morning I woke up early to get a head start and get the hell out of didge. I will never forget the look of shame in every persons eye that morning.

So I headed south and stayed in a couple different small fishing villages in the south. One night I stayed in Sattahip, a small Thai Navy town, I got this 100 baht a night guesthouse. The bathroom was totally awesome! Check out the picture, there wasn't even a hose to spray my arse out with, and yes that is a diaper stuffed in the concrete window thing. I then began my
journey to koh Chang, an island close to the Cambodia border. This is my last stop before I cross the border and begin volunteering at a local school. This island is absolute paradise! I rode for 10 hours the other day to catch the last ferry to the island. I got off the ferry and figured I would just ride my bike to the nearest guesthouse. I didn't realize the island was almost 60km around and the first 10km to the nearest beach community was straight up and down hairpin turn climbs. I was totally fried by the time I got there. I found a cheap guest house and ate dinner and had a cappuccino while watching the sun set on the beach.

Yesterday I spent the day
with a couple friends I met. We went to the most south eastern tip of the island. It took us 2 hours by motor bike to get there. (this is where I pull another swifty move) so we all head to the beach and jump in, swim for a while then have lunch at this restaurant right on the beach, banana shakes for all! Then we head back to the ocean to do some more swimming and chilling. We are about to leave and realize we can't find the key to the motor bike!! I think I had it in my pocket when we were swimming. So we spend some time looking for it and realize it's lost in Davey Jones locker. We ended up riding 3 of us on one motor scooter for 2 hours over unimproved dirt roads and up and down the steepest roads I have ever been on. Hahahaha none of us lost our cool even once, we all totally accepted what happened and it was not a big deal. We went to the place she rented the motor bike and paid 300 baht (talked down from 700) for a new key, I rented a motor bike, we all went out for dinner and we will drive back
and get her motor bike tomorrow. Another totally random awesome day in paradise


  1. Looks like your having fun. Keep updating us. We love it!!

  2. Tim, keep those reports coming. We love reading every word! Stay safe and keep taking it all in!


  3. Everything sounds great and
    I love the part about the key because I would, I have and probably will do something just like that again! Stay safe.