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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I think it's a mixture of reading The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and taking a bunch of time off my bike that has allowed me the pleasure of actually slowing down and chilling. This whole trip I have been going 100mph and getting myself into all kinds of scenarios and having all kinds of experiences. Well that didn't stop, I just slowed down and the situations and scenarios slowed down as well, they still happened though.
After the bike accident I continued to ride a borrowed bike a couple days after and on the 3rd day after crashing, it all caught up to me and my knees swelled up like balloons. I thought "oh crap I probably should have taken time off right after this crash". So the past few days have been filled with ice, ibuprofen, tiger balm and lots of movies and reading.
Now for those of you who know me, slowing down and doing these things is not my nature, so it has been very healing for me to just find a nice spot to sit and read
orjust reflect on this whole trip and regroup a little bit.
The other day I had some good chats with local tuk tuk drivers and found out there is a local spot where Cambodian bodybuilders lift weights so I had him bring me there. Man it felt good to actually move my body again. Working out there made me realize how weak my upper body is, it's 2 days later and my chest and arms are still really sore, hahahaha. This gym was so cool, it looked like it came right out of the 70s, the machines were
so old and there were pictures around the whole gym of Schwarzenegger when he was like 20 hahahaha. (check out the pic above this, its the entrance to the gym hahahah) All the people I met there were so nice, not like the big jackass muscle heads in the gym back home who just kind of look at me like I don't belong there cause I'm a skinny little cyclist. After the gym I found a pool to chill out by for the afternoon and read my new book.
If you want to see what a Cambodian weightlifting blog looks like check it out!
I met a really chill family about a month ago when I was in Phnom Penh, we were having breakfast in the same cafe and I listened in as he read a story to his two little ones in a very animated way. I was thoroughly amused and so were his kids. We ended up striking up a conversation and it turns out Guy is a cyclist also, after some normal everyday banter we said our goodbyes and exchanged email addresses. Well it turns out Guy is a correspondent for BBC news. He gave me a call the other day and wanted me to come out to Phn
om Penh to do a story on my travels. I jumped at the opportunity and flew out to Phnom Penh f
or one day and then flew back to Siem Reap the same day. I am writing this blog from the airport terminal. I will keep everyone posted as to when it will air.

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