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Monday, March 21, 2011

Acceptance is hard

So I finally bit the bullet and got medical help. It was Sunday and the doctor I wanted to see wasn't in, so I called his cell and he told me to get some Xrays and then bring them in to him tomorrow. So I began my journey to find an Xray machine. It took me about an hour, I have gotten good at pantomiming and finding the things I need in this country. It was little little dodgy clinic and no-one spoke a word of english. Then the guy who ran the place finally came out and understood me a bit. They took me into this room with this huge machine that took up most of the room, apparently this is what an Xray machine looked like in the 1095's hahahaha, it was rusty and had grease on all the moving metal parts. I had to lay on that plank looking thing and this guy dressed in a creepy X-files looking green thing took Xrays of me knees. They actually came out surprisingly well.

The next day I went to the doc and he took a look at the Xrays and the verdict is there's no major damage such as bone breakage but I might have sprained or slightly torn a ligament or possibly bruised a bone in both knees. So I am having a difficult time accepting I'm not going to be riding my bike for a few weeks at least. It sucks but it's part of life. I am grateful for not breaking anything and by not being on the bike I'll have plenty of time to spend at the gym getting JACKED hahahahaa, this guy I'm in the pic with is a Cambodian body builder I look tiny standing next to him hahahaha, him and his whole crew are all really cool and made me feel at home
in their gym that has no fan or air-con, HARDCORE!!

So my plan now is to head to Bangkok on the 24th and meet up with my friend Tammy who made me apply to be on the TV show the amazing race. I have never even seen the show but she gets all fired up about how good a team we will be hahahah. So we have to make a 3
minute clip to send in with out application so were meeting in Bangkok to make it. I will also go to the international hospital while there and get a second opinion about my knee situation.

This last picture I took the other night. I thought it was hilarious. These security guards are everywhere all over town, this picture depicts how useful they actually are.


  1. lets talk---my cousin does casting for the amazing race--you can win a mil!

  2. ok, got the 411! Soo glad you got seen. Hysterical. And you look great, body buider comparison or no! Happy trails!