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Monday, April 8, 2013

Tis The Season!

Three weeks ago marked the beginning of racing season here in New England.
I am very stoked to be racing on, as Anthony Clark would say a "legitified" elite racing team.

Three weeks ago we had team camp. We all gathered at the JAM FUND headquarters in Easthampton and had an amazing weekend of racing and training. We began on Friday night with a team director meeting. Jeremy Powers, Mukunda Feldman, and Alec Donahue gave us the skinny about our job as JAM FUND/NCC elite racers.

Saturday early morning we were off to the races. The whole team packed up into 4 cars and headed out into NY state for our first race together. We lined up, the whistle blew and we started. A few attacks happened right from the beginning but nothing got away. There were 40mph winds that were holding off every attack that anyone put in. We raced well and had a couple guys in the top 10.
Next weeks race would pan out much better. The wind held off for a beautiful 50 degree sunny day of racing. Anthony, Stephen, Brad and I were off the front covering moves and chasing down breaks throughout the race. No breaks formed and the race was super fast. We averaged 25mph for over 60 miles of racing. In the last lap my legs felt completely gassed, as everyone else's did, I'm sure. The JAM Fund train set up perfectly into the last 1km of the course. Al and I led a hard surge into the last corner, setting our sprinter, Mike Busa up perfectly for the straight away. Al put in a million watt surge and slingshotted me and Busa around him. Busa then carried his million watt sprint across the finish line in 3rd. My sprint was sub-par and landed me in 11th.

Overall the team is working well together and our first three races of the season have been successful.

We are all looking forward to an amazing season of racing and hope to see you all out there in the NE circuits.

A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors this season.

SRAM components

FOCUS bikes

EASTON wheels

RUDY PROJECT helmets and glasses

VO MAX kits

CLIF nutrition

FIZIK saddles

Northampton Cycling Club

Northeast Solar

Valley Bike

Stony Brook Valley

Tart Bakery

Mystic Artists Film Production

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  1. Awesome Tim! You've made incredible progress in a short amount of time. Those sprints will only get better!