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Monday, November 12, 2012

New bike and Amazing results

It's Sunday night, and I'm laying here in a food coma. I just destroyed an entire order of mango chicken korma and 2 giant things of naan bread. My body feels like it got hit by a truck. But I have a smile on my face. I took 6th place yesterday at Paradise cx frenzy and then 3rd today at the Bethlehem cup. These are the first two Elite races that I've actually gotten results at. I've been getting my face smashed at every UCI race I do, so it feels good to actually win some money and stand on a podium.

The course yesterday was awesome, the guys out at Paradise cx put on a really great event. The race takes place on a brewery, so theres a bunch of random people that have no idea what CX is, watching the shenanigans. The KMS kids were out in full force controlling the front of the race. They're so young and so fast.

The course today was even better! A huge thank you to Chuck Quackenbush (the greatest last name ever) for setting up the venue. Fast flowy corners, steep descents, corners you can drift both tires through, log crossings, a brutal run up, and a super grindingly steep ride up.

The race started super fast and Wayne Bray and Cory Burns took off like bats out of hell and ripped the first lap like lightning. I stayed with them and turned myself inside out to stay up front and focused. After 2 laps I looked back and saw no one. Wayne, Corey, and I had opened up a huge gap and were taking turns at the front going berserk. After 4 laps Cory broke off and Wayne eventually dropped me on the steep ride up. I held off 4th place and finished for my first podium in an elite race!!!! This is a big milestone for me. I have been getting stronger and faster and have been racing smarter every week. There's an incredible amount to learn about this sport and it's a long process.

Another big thank you to my team NYCROSS Presented by: VOmax! We have an amazing family of funny, ridiculously awesome people.

I just started riding a new cx bike. Thanks to Nate Lachance! The Felt FX3. What an amazing ride! Since I started pedaling this thing my ability to drive a bike has increased 10 fold. Super lightweight carbon frame equipped with Sram components. I built up an extra set of Major Tom wheels to XT disc break hubs and BAM you got yourself a super supple tubular ride. Now, on to the disc brakes. In my opinion, they are the single best improvement you can put on your bike. Through the whole race I'm breaking with one finger, even on steep descents. I can fly into corners and modulate my speed much better.

Overall, this has been an amazing season for me. My goal for next year is to snag some UCI points and be racing toward the front groups at bigger UCI events. A full season in the elite fieldf on the road will help me get there.

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