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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ok, so I know it's been a few months since I blogged last and soooo much has happened since returning from Asia.
I took a month off from the internet while I was in Indonesia and doing my yoga teacher training. It was the greatest thing ever! Not being connected and being in one of the most beautiful places in the world was so refreshing, and spiritually rejuvenating.
Ok, so where to start.... So much has happened since I've been back. I just finished my last 3 classes at BCC and graduated with my Associates degree. I start at Burlington College in Vermont on Aug 12th. I will be studying Trans-personal Psychology with a concentration in Native American and Eco-Psychology. I am so stoked to be studying something I can apply directly to my life, and hell, a BA is a BA it's not going to matter what I get it in!!
I started racing bikes again after a 2 year hiatus from racing. I lost all of my upgrade points and I'm starting all over as a cat 4. Bike touring does NOT make you any faster. It is the best way to travel in a foreign country but you don't get any intensity. So my first race I finished in the top 20 which was awesome, it was a super hilly road race and it was a "rust breaker" for me. I finished 5th in a crit, and then I did the Tour of the Hilltowns and ended up lying in the river around mile 50 because my legs locked up. I have never cramped so bad in my life and the river was the best idea I've ever had. I saw riders flying by, looking at me in the river in envy. Hhahaha, I still finished the race but felt totally drained after. It was sooo hot out that day.

It feels really good to be back in the states and have a home base for riding and living. The first time I walked into the grocery store I was totally overwhelmed though. I didn't realize we have 5 million different kinds of yogurt on the shelves. I really miss the sense of community there was in Asia everywhere you went. People live their lives outside and at markets and sure, we have farmers markets but everything is still super expensive and elitist.

Anyways, I am so glad to be home and I have 2 weeks off before I start school!!!! Time to catch up with friends, spend time with family and ride my bike!!!!

But with all of the amazing times, life goes on and there is sorrow. Auntie Lynn and Al both passed away this past month. They were both amazing people. Auntie Lynn was one of the most spontaneous and randomly funny people I knew, she always lit the room up when she walked in, I am so grateful for spending time with her after I got back. Al was also a great dude, he told me all sorts of funny stories about my dad and was always smiling.
I have been thinking a lot about impermanence lately and realize anything can happen and I must live my life to best of my ability every day and try and live every day as it were my last.

Highlights of the last few months,

Grand Fundo!!!!
Swimming in the Green River
Riding bikes with my brother
Hiking barefoot with good friends
Canoeing to islands
Dirt hill climbs
Eve of Destrucion
New motorcycle
Shaving my insane Jesus beard
Hammock on the porch
Berkshire summer evenings
Super Hero Parties

To all my friends, and family,
I love you all dearly and I am grateful and thankful for you in my life. You are the reasons I keep doing what I am doing. I wish you all happiness, ease and non-suffering.