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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Running to the bathroom I think, can this get any worse? Then I realize theres no toilet paper. I spend the day running to the bathroom every 30 minutes only to spray my ass off with cold water and lay around miserably in bed with wet boxers from not having anything to dry my ass with. On top of that the bathroom walls only go up about 7 feet and the ceiling are 12 feet high so my 3 roommates have to listen to everything thats going on in there. Good times!

I arrived in Kampot 4 days ago and after months of emails and over a month in SE Asia traveling with his camera he had sent to me in the states I finally met Charles. Even though I showed up a day earlier than I thought, he welcomed me into his home. He is a totally chill guy and we get along swimmingly. We spent the night talking about bike touring, Cambodia and various other things. He is very generous with his space and I am sharing a big huge room on the second floor with 3 other travelers. There is a Cambodian family living here and running a guesthouse so I will always have 3 other travelers to keep me company in my room. Right now there is 1 dutch guy 1 german guy, and 2 au
strian chicks. Charl
es also runs a technology learning center from his home, he sponsors local students and teaches them life and computer skills.

Kampot is a pretty small town with a ton of character. It is situated right on a river and there are minimal tourists. Most of the tourists here spend just a night or 2. The local Cambodians are very pleasant social people and I have already made a few friends.

I spent the last 2 days laid up in bed sick as a dog. I ate a bad fruit shake. As the woman was making the shake she was pulling half pieces of fruit from this big bowl that looked like it had been sitting out in the hot sun all day, she didn't wash her hands and who knows how many people had handled that big block of ice before she smashed it into pieces to add to my shake. Needless to say I felt really shitty (pun intended). So now I am finally back on my feet
except I pulled another swifty move and fell down the stairs twice in the same attempt so my calcaneus is swollen and killing me. I have spent the last couple days sitting around doing school work on my computer. I intentionally chose the 2 classes I thought would be easiest and it turns out that both are proving to be really hard! Each week I have had to spend anywhere from 6-8 hours in a day to get the weeks worth of work done.

Anyways after the swelling in my foot goes down and I can walk again I will begin visiting local organizations and NGO's and seeing what they are all about. I will keep you all informed!!!

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