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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cameron Highlands

This place is absolute heaven to me!!!
This past week I haven't been able to ride at all, the roads in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh were strewn with crazy traffic that doesn't give a damn about cyclists.
I stayed with a couchsurfer in KL and in Ipoh, they were my first couchsurfing experiences and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I think it is one of the best ways to
travel. Joslyn was my first host in KL and she picked me up from the train station, brought me to her place and then showed me the best local spots to eat. The second night we went to a Hoobastank concert in downtown KL. It was sooooo much fun, I danced all night long with locals, they loved dancing with the tall mahtsahlay (white guy) with the big crazy hair. Then I headed to Ipoh a town at the base of the
Cameron highlands and my hosts name was Wen, she also took me to all the awesome local spots and treated me to a chinese dish called thunder tea rice, it was amazing!!! It was 5 bowls of food, desert, and a sweet potato drink all for 10 ringgits, which is just over 3 USD. She brought me around to all these chinese temples built into the sides of caves. Ipoh and KL were both cool towns and they have such an interesting mix of people.
I am now in a little mountain town called Tanah Ratah in the Cameron
Highlands and this place is sooooo amazing. I LOVE it here, when I got off the bus and stepped outside it was like 15 degrees cooler. I had to walk into town and buy this super cheesy looking sweater for 6 ringgit cause I was cold!!!! I havent been cold in months!!! Usually by 11 the heat is unbearable.
I went on the most epic ride today past all these tea plantations, strawberry plantations and bee farms. The mountains are about 7,000 feet high and I am right in the middle of them. I rode out to this tea plantation and had a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate cake and then climbed up the mountain to this little view point and did some yoga all by myself, I didn't see anyone else the entire time I was up there.

After some yoga, I got some delicious Indian food then set back on the road for a 10km climb back to town. I could spend a month here and never get bored, theres tons of hiking trails and super cheap amazing food.

I just signed up for a yoga teacher training in Bali starting on the 24th. I was randomly thinking of how cool it would be to take my YTT over here and I googled courses in Bali and 4 days after I fly there one starts and the founder and teacher has a studio and does trainings in North Adams as well!!!! Its called Frog Lotus Yoga and I will be a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance when I get back to the states!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been slacking in the blog department, it's been over a week since my last update. Krabi was the most amazing place. I stayed at this huge hostel with dorms and I met an amazing group of friends that I will never forget. We had all kinds of adventures, from island hopping to jungle fresh water swimming and bouldering and rock climbing on the beach.
My friend Tammy also met me in Krabi and we finished up shooting and editing our video application for the Amazing Race.

I took off from Krabi yesterday and
spent the day traveling and I am now in Subang Jaya, a suburb of the huge Malaysian city Kuala Lumpur. I flew from Krabi to KL and had to
take an hour bus ride to the city center and then take a train to where my couchsurfing host picked me up. I have never seen anything like the train I had to get on. It was like packing a million sardines into a tiny little can, I didn't know you could fit so many people in one tiny space. It didn't help that it was 104 degrees and humid outside, so there was a definite tinge to the air. Anyways I made it here safe and sound and Joslyn my couchsurfing host is so awesome!!! I have my own room to stay in and she took me out last night and showed me some cool touristy sights and then took me for the best meal I have yet in SE Asia!!!! I ordered wayyyy to much food and ended up eating the rest of it for breakfast today.

This place is so much different than anywhere I have been in SE Asia, it is very modern and clean. I saw a Malaysian woman at an international supermarket buying a bag of cool ranch doritos!!! hahahahaha, I was in a shopping mall that was 6 stories high and
they had a big slide you could slide down from the 6th floor, sooooo awesome!!! Theres a big mixture of people here, Indian, Malay, Thai, and Chinese so there is every type of food you can dream of, all for super cheap. Oh man I died and went to heaven, I have been eating all day today. It's also a really rich country so they have all sorts of imported foods 2, so I got a grapefruit from Florida today hahahaha they're my favorite though. Tomorrow night were going to a free concert in downtown KL and then I will catch a bus Saturday to Ipoh and then slowly make my way to the Cameron Highlands for some epic riding, strawberry and tea plantations.